The Next Generation of Electric Massagers

Old Hitachi Magic Wand Expired Patent
New Magic Wand Original Expired Patent

The EXTREME TEN Speed and the ULTRA TWO Speed massagers are an improvement of the expired Hitachi Magic Wand HV250-R patent. Using state of the art components, the EXTREME and the ULTRA massagers are lighter weight and more powerful.

Latest News

Physical Therapist helping a Patient
EXTREME & ULTRA are Rated #1 and #2

In a blind test by professional rehabilitative physical therapists in Orlando, Florida, the EXTREME was rated #1 and the ULTRA was rated #2.

Couple running on the beach
Miami Florida Marathoners use the EXTREME

Miami Florida Marathoners use the EXTREME massager to relieve injuries during training and after race day to relieve their sore muscles.

ULTRA - 2 Speeds 40% More Power

New Technology - 2 Speeds 40% More Power

EXTREME - 10 Speeds 60% More Power

New Technology - 10 Speeds 60% More Power

 Mature doctor standing upright while waiting for his team

“Daily massages – on major muscle groups – promotes vascular blood flow. Extensive clinical trials have shown regular massages reduce stress, which has been attributed to a longer life and a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr. L Christian Adals, Olympic Team – Sports Medicine

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