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light-weight & highly effective – speedy delivery

Extreme Therapeutic Massager, 10 Speeds The EXTREME met my expectations, quite satisfied, light-weight & highly effective – speedy delivery, too!!



Powerful massager!

Extreme Therapeutic Massager, 10 Speeds Powerful massager. I like the fact that you have 10 speed settings. The lowest setting is more powerful than any battery operated massager.


Skydiver falls through the air

Great Buy!

Ultra Two Speed Therapeutic Massager, Powerful Motor (Health and Beauty) Love it! Works great and have not felt that good in years.


Industry massagers were evaluated in a blind test by professional rehabilitative physical therapists at a 2013 physical therapist continuing education conference in Orlando, Florida. The EXTREME was rated #1 and the ULTRA was rated #2. The following massagers were included in the blind test:

  • Brookstone Active Sport
    Brookstone Active Sport ®
  • OsterOster ®
  • ThumperThumper ®
  • wahl
    Wahl ®
  • hitachiHitachi Magic Wand ®
  • clip_image001Original Magic Wand ®
  • ultra-product-newULTRA TWO Speed Massager ®
  • extremetenspeed-pageEXTREME TEN Speed Massager ®
  • The EXTREME is #1 and the ULTRA is #2. ®

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